ADEPT - Assaying Differences via Edit-Distance of Pronunciation Transcriptions
The goal of the project is to provide a web application capable of measuring the differences in sets of phonetic (or phonemic) transcriptions via edit distance. The C-based software on which the application is to be based has existed since about 2001, has been freely distributed since 2004, and is used modestly but profitably outside of Groningen (about 20 users). But it is too complex for many potential users, esp. dialectologists and second-language learning specialists. The goal of the proposed work is to develop and implement a graphical user interface and to make the string comparison facility available as a web application. This should enable wider experimentation with the techniques. We will consult with and collaborate with specialists for the expertise needed in establishing the application, to ensure that conforms to emerging standards, and also to attempt to use the needs of the application as a test case for formulating more general infrastructure requirements for CLARIN and CLARIN-NL
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Rijks Universiteit Groningen,
Netherlands, Groningen

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C. Gooskens

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