‘Databases for young historians’: a practice - based crash course
In January 2016 we organized a course to support young historians who were willing to builddatabases for historical research but lacked the education and basic practice to undertake the project. The course was sponsored by the Posthumus Institute, the Amsterdam Centre for Cultural Heritage and Identity (ACHI, UvA), the Huizinga Institute and the Huygens-ING. Because of the overwhelming interest we consider organizing a new edition and/or a follow up of the course and we wish to bring this to the attention of the DH Benelux participants. We hope to generate discussion about didactics in digital humanities in order to further develop the course and help enhance future projects. Little by little, the Digital Humanities are being introduced in history curricula at Dutch universities in the past few years. Even though the Netherlands is one of the leading countries in research and education in this quickly evolving digital area, most young historians who already have formally completed their educational phase miss necessary knowledge to participate in this promising field of research. This is not the result of a lack of interest from junior scholars, but due to the fact they stand be tween the generation that did not grow up during the current rise of computational humanities and the generation presently following a Bachelor or Master program. Furthermore, requirements for recent vacancies show that digital skills are not only important for young historians’ current research, but also more generally for their future academic life.
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Universiteit van Leiden,
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MA L. Alvarez Francés

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